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Take the first step to boosting your search rankings in Ireland with an SEO Audit. Schedule a comprehensive website audit. We’re a leading source for delivering outstanding auditing services. We offer cost-effective strategies to help your web pages climb to the top of the search results. Discover the value of an SEO auditing service for bringing in more customers.

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How We Beat The May 2022 Core Update

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In this insightful case study, we will unveil our precise SEO strategy that led to outstanding results, including a 500% increase in search traffic and a 60% boost in transactions. Discover…

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SEO Audit

How Can A Website Audit Help Your Business?

We have conducted SEO auditing for clients to resolve a wide range of website performance issues. If you experience any of the following problems, our comprehensive SEO audit service can help:

  • Your site ranks high but you experience low conversion rates
  • Your search rankings are starting to drop dramatically
  • Your web pages have unusually high bounce rates
  • Overall organic traffic continues to decrease
  • You cannot attract your target demographic
  • You have not updated your SEO in several years

An SEO audit can help determine why these issues are happening and provide you with real solutions. If you are not satisfied with your current organic search traffic or on-page metrics, you may simply need better SEO and an audit is the perfect way to start.

How Does Our Free SEO Audit Service Work?

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We use our extensive technical skills to evaluate the known factors that influence search standings carefully. Every client receives a tailored solution to address their needs. However, each SEO audit includes an in-depth look at specific areas of your website.

The Auditing Process

Our holistic approach covers the most essential components of your website. You can gain more insight into some of these areas using free online tools but you may lack the technical expertise to understand how they affect your business and how to improve them. This is where the help of an SEO consultancy becomes indispensable.

  • Accessibility: One of the first steps in technical SEO audit services is to review the accessibility of your site. If Google cannot access your pages, they will not appear in search results.We review the robots.txt file to ensure that search engines are not blocked from crawling or indexing your site. We also look for HTTP status codes that can keep search engine crawlers from reaching specific pages. Your site architecture may also keep search engines from doing their job.
  • Indexability: After reviewing the accessibility of your site, we analyse the indexability of your web pages. We use various tools to determine which pages are indexed and which pages are being overlooked by Google. This may lead us to additional issues, such as poor navigational structure or slow page-loading speeds.In some cases, a page may be blocked from indexing due to penalties. A common cause of SEO issues is content plagiarism or spam links, which cause harm to your website score.
  • Competitive analysis: With a thorough review of your site, we can discover potential issues. However, it also helps to understand the authority of your competition.Competitive analysis includes audits of your biggest competitors. This provides us with more information about where you stand compared to the competition along with the keywords that they rank for. By looking at their SEO strategies, we can often find opportunities to grow your search rankings.
  • On-page SEO factors: A website SEO audit also includes a detailed look at on-page factors. This is where we examine web pages to ensure that proper tactics are being used, such as the strategic use of keywords in titles, descriptions, and content. When reviewing on-page factors, we look at the navigation of your site. Every page should be reachable within a few mouse clicks. We also review the URLs to ensure that they are SEO-friendly.
  • Content: An SEO content audit focused on E-E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness, and Experience) emphasizes evaluating the quality and credibility of your website’s content. This audit involves checking if the content demonstrates expertise in the subject matter, reflects an authoritative source, and is trustworthy from a user’s perspective. It also considers the user experience, ensuring the content is engaging, useful, and satisfies user intent. By aligning your content with these principles, you can significantly improve your site’s SEO performance and user engagement.
  • Off-page SEO factors: Google uses various off-page SEO factors to rate the truthfulness or authority of your web pages. If reputable websites link to your content, Google assumes that you are a trusted source of information.Our audit includes a review of the sites that link to your pages. We need to understand the quality of the sites linking to your site to gain a better perspective of your off-page SEO.
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Why Choose Riordan SEO?

In-depth Technical Audits

We have years of technical experience based in Cork and Dublin and have worked with clients in virtually every sector in Ireland, allowing us to understand that every business has unique needs. We also understand how Google and other search engines think.

If you want to reach your digital marketing goals, start with a detailed SEO audit service. Our audits prepare your site for success by handling any problems that may keep you from ranking higher. We then compile everything that we find into a detailed website audit report.

Businesses often overlook the importance of proper search engine optimisation. Without this, your other marketing efforts can suffer. Your search rankings, authority, and overall SEO impact everything from conversion rates for your latest marketing campaigns to the cost of advertising.

Use an audit to build a stronger foundation and propel your business to new heights. Request your free SEO audit today!

Ready to Grow Your Business?

We provide all the essentials to ensure consistent, top-tier traffic and leads, ultimately boosting your sales.

Get in touch with us today and send some basic info about your project.