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We have worked out a real SEO Value example. To use this calculator, change the values below.

To illustrate the importance of securing top positions in Google search engine result pages (SERPs), let’s examine a real-world example using the keyword “Electric Scooters Ireland“.

For this example, we’re assuming:

  • Monthly Search Volume for “Electric Scooters Ireland” is 6,600.
  • Average Revenue per Sale/Enquiry is €100.
  • Website Conversion Rate is 4%.

Breaking Down the Numbers

Our SEO Value Calculator takes the above inputs and projects potential sales and revenue for each SERP position based on their average click-through rates (CTR). Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Position 1: With a CTR of 42%, this top position could potentially draw about 2,772 visitors monthly. This can lead to approximately 111 sales (4% of 2,772), generating a monthly keyword value of €11,088.
  2. Position 2: At a 12% CTR, this spot could attract about 792 visitors. Assuming the same conversion rate, we’d expect about 32 sales, equating to a monthly keyword value of €3,168.
  3. Position 3: The third spot, with a CTR of 7%, might bring in about 462 visitors, resulting in around 18 sales and a monthly keyword value of €1,848.
  4. Position 4: A 5.5% CTR could still draw about 363 visitors even at the fourth position. This could lead to approximately 15 sales, translating to a monthly keyword value of €1,452.

As we continue down the list, the monthly keyword value continues to decrease, with position 10 generating a value of just €236.

Key Takeaway

What this calculator clearly highlights is the significant decrease in potential revenue as your position drops in Google’s SERPs. Even the difference between positions 1 and 4 is striking – a drop from €11,088 to €1,452. Therefore, every effort should be made to attain and maintain a top position in SERPs for your targeted keywords.

Understanding these potential values underscores the significance of investing in effective SEO strategies to boost your visibility, drive more traffic, and ultimately, increase sales and revenue.

If you’re ready to unlock the power of SEO for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s get your website to the top of Google’s SERPs and keep it there!

FAQ – How To Use Our SEO Value Calculator

The SEO Value Calculator is a tool that allows you to estimate the potential value of a keyword if your website ranks in the top 10 positions in Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs).

The calculator works by taking into account the following inputs:

  • The monthly search volume of a specific keyword
  • The average revenue per sale or enquiry
  • Your website’s conversion rate

It then applies standard click-through rates (CTR) for each position in the SERPs to estimate the number of visitors, potential sales or enquiries, and the subsequent monthly revenue.

Monthly Search Volume represents the average number of searches that users have performed for a specific keyword in a month. It’s a key indicator of the keyword’s popularity and demand.

If your website’s performance is not aligning with the estimated results, it may be due to factors like low-quality content, poor website design, a high bounce rate, or poor SEO. In such cases, it might be worth consulting with an SEO expert to diagnose and resolve these issues. Riordan SEO provide ethical SEO services in CorkSEO in Dublin and nationwide SEO in Ireland.

Your Website Conversion Rate is the percentage of your website’s visitors who complete a desired action. You can find this information through web analytics tools like Google Analytics.

While the calculator provides a useful estimate, the results are based on industry-standard CTRs and your own inputs for monthly search volume, average revenue, and conversion rate. Actual results may vary due to various factors such as changes in CTRs, competition, website quality, industry trends, and more.

Yes, as long as you have the necessary data (keyword’s monthly search volume, average revenue per sale/enquiry, and your website’s conversion rate), you can use the calculator to estimate potential keyword values for any industry or geographical location.

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