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Best SEO Tools For Digital Marketing & Small Business

Getting your website to rank on the Google pages is not as easy as it used to be. Nowadays, along with some great content, you also need some excellent strategies up your sleeves to level up your ranking game. So that’s where SEO software comes into the picture to improve your website SEO.

Hundreds of SEO software are present over the internet, and choosing the best is tricky. We have devised this guide to help you tackle this problem. We have selected some of the best tools based on their services and created this list of the best marketing tools for you to choose from.  

What Is SEO Software And Its Benefits?


So, before we dive into the list, let’s look at some essential insights about SEO software and how it can help your marketing efforts.

SEO software is a tool that can check through your website and provide you with detailed data about the health of your website and how you can improve it. It helps you identify the weaknesses of your site and provide suggestions on how you can improve the site performance so that you can earn a spot on the Google pages.

A great SEO tool would be the one that:

  • Can help you choose the right keywords
  • It provides you detail about the best practices
  • Performs market research for you
  • Gets you some great backlinks
  • Tracks your ranking on the search engines
  • Audit your website for strengths and weaknesses
  • Find content ideas
  • And lastly is easy to use and have great features

What Are The Best SEO & Marketing Tools For Small Business & Marketers? 

  1. Semrush: Best for Enterprise Customers
  2. Ahrefs: Best for Backlink Research
  3. Moz Pro: Great All-Around
  4. Yoast: Best WordPress Plugin
  5. Screaming Frog: Best for Technical Audits
  6. Site Bulb
  7. Surfer SEO
  8. Uber Suggest
  9. Mangools

Another game-changer in the SEO tools industry is SEMrush. And it won’t be wrong to say that this one is an all-in-one product having all the features that one may need for detailed website analysis. Some of the big names like eBay use SEMrush for their site audits, and it is safe to say that this one provides some excellent audit reports. This software provides keyword research, domain analysis, backlink research, and even social media and email outreach. An all in one SEO tool kit is a dream solution for a website owner.

This enterprise-grade product specializes in providing you with a complete report about your competitor’s sites and their source of traffic. Moreover, the domain audit features compare your website with the competitors. It also identifies the keywords your competitor is targeting. Perfect for those who want their all there insights in one place


  •  Advanced features to help you ace the SEO game
  • Complex like Ahrefs but provide you much easier to read interface
  • Track all the paid campaigns such as Google ads 
  • Domain analysis with your competitors
  • Both organic and paid keyword research capability

Price Of the Software

SEMrush provides its customers with three plans to choose from. They are the Pro, Guru, and a business plan, all for $119.95 per month, $299.95 per month, and $449.95 per month. Aside from that, you also get a seven-day free trial to decide whether it suits you or not. We at Riordan SEO have used this software for a number of years and continue to do so as we find it easier to use and manage. Also new features are always being added. You can contact sites for backlinks, analyse PPC or use as social media poster. Its a very complete marketing tool.

Best SEO Tools 2023 For Digital Marketing & Small Business

You cannot avoid Backlinks, especially if you are trying to boost your site’s rankings. And for that, Ahrefs is the best tool that anyone could ask for. Ahrefs has made its way to the top among SEO marketing tools. This software is one of the best backlink research tools one could ask for. Ahrefs claim that after Google, they are the second largest website crawler globally.

With its powerful keyword research tool, not only can get you enough data about the designated keyword. But also can analyze the traffic that the following keyword attracts. Ahrefs gives you complete control to analyze your website. It also provides the tools to help you grow your website even more. Robust link analysis, best keyword research tool, and excellent help support Ahrefs stand out in the market of the SEO tools.


  • It is a complex tool to get started with, but it is the best tool one can ask for once you know the basics.
  •  Can create detailed site analysis
  •  Have a web crawler significant in speed and size. Second best to Google.
  •  Keeps comparing your keyword with the competitors one
  • It has an excellent interface and the use of graphs and tables for a better understanding

Now, users who are unsure whether they want to get the paid version can sign up for the 7- day trial for 7 dollars. You can get full use out of it in these seven days and decide whether you want it.

If it suits you, you can go for the more advanced plans from $99  per month up to $999 per month depending upon what type of usage you want from it.

 Moz Pro: Great All-Around SEO Tool

Since being on the market, Moz has been providing some excellent SEO software services. It also has a beneficial blog that provides its customers with useful information. Moz is quite well known for its easy-to-use features and came into the eye of the customers due to its well-known Google extension. The Google plugin of this software can provide you with some basic information about the website, like the domain authority or some other essential points.

But if you want some detailed information, go for the Moz Pro version. The Pro version is the paid web version with all the basic SEO tools spanning from keyword researcher, keyword ranking tracker, content optimization tool to backlink researcher, and site audits. It is safe to say that this one is quite a good one for On-page SEO as it provides detailed insight about the keywords and the backlinks.


  •  Keyword difficulty analyzer
  •  Keyword ranking tracker
  • SEO audit tools to get insights on the web performance
  • The best one for On-page SEO.
  • A very easy to use the chrome plugin

Price of the Software

Before going for the paid version, you can go for the free 30-day trial. That is quite a lot of time for you to decide whether you want it or not. And if it is good, you can go for the paid version that ranges from $99 per month to $599 per month.

Yoast Premium: Best WordPress Plugin

One of the holy grail SEO tools is Yoast. The premium version is worth purchasing. There are hundreds and billions of websites over the internet, mainly created with the help of WordPress. And Yoast is one of the best plugins available that work with WordPress. This plugin is the best option for On-page SEO  and can help you completely optimize your content.

After you publish your content and mention a targeted keyword, Yoast provides you with a complete checklist. It gives you suggestions about optimizing your content according to the keywords. Also, it gives you suggestions about how your meta description should be, how you can optimize your added image, and some suggestions about outbound and inbound links. This one is not a good option if you are looking for off-page SEO, but for On-page SEO, this is the best option to go for.


  • No prior learning is needed as it has a very easy to use interface
  • Provides you with excellent customer support
  • Provides you with a complete checklist for better optimization
  • Give you a preview of what your content will look like after complete optimization

Price of the Software

You can get a yearly plan for €99, excluding the VAT. 

Screaming Frog: Best For Technical Audits

When it comes to handling the technical parts of SEO, most people prefer to get it done by SEO agencies or professionals. But if you are not willing to pay hundreds of dollars for that, let Screaming Frog handle it for you. Screaming Frog is the tool for managing all the technical aspects of the SEO, whether it is crawling the websites, auditing the onsite SEO factors, finding broken links, generating XML maps, etc.

This tool is an entirely technical tool that only performs the task of off-page SEO. This tool does not provide you with keyword research or content optimization suggestions. With the help of this, you can crawl any websites and look for any broken links, get to know about the headers, meta descriptions, and the best part is that you can export all this information to an Excel file. The Screaming Frog also detects errors like the 404 or any other kind of server error.


  • Sitemaps generation
  • Crawler for broken links and redirects
  • Headers and backlinks information
  • Performs technical web audit task
  • Compatible with the Google search console or analytics

Price Of The Software:

Now this one comes with a paid and free version. If you go with the free version, you get to crawl about 500 URLs. But the paid version that is £149 per year, you get to crawl unlimited URLs with an array of great features.

Site Bulb

 Another great tool to go for is site auditing. With its excellent auditing capability and beautiful way of presenting reports, Sitebulb has been making its way into the SEO tool world. After Screaming Frog, this is another best site audit tool with crawlers to get insight into the site and its performance.

You have to set yourself up by creating an account, and then they will walk you through a complete tutorial on how to use it. Before auditing, the website also asks you different questions for a better auditing experience. Moreover, before starting the crawling, they perform some pre-crawl configuration. Aside from that, the reports generated by the Site Bulb are quite visually appealing and easy to read as they use a lot of graphics to present the data.


  • Provides site auditing reports in a few seconds
  • It has a great crawling speed
  • Provides reports that are easy to read
  • A complete tutorial to help you get started with

Price of the Software

For monthly, you get two plans, the lite, and pro that start from 13.50 USD per month to 35 USD per month. But for a yearly plan, you have to pay about 135 USD per month to 378 USD per month.

 Surfer SEO

Another great tool to go with for optimizing your data. Surfer SEO can provide you with suggestions on optimizing your content compared to your competitor and the keyword you are targeting. It can audit the sites and pull out all the strategies your competitor is using, providing you with all the top ranking factors that can help you rank your websites.

Moreover, it can generate a detailed SERP report on the targeted keyword in just minutes. So it is quite a good option for those who have a lot of content to audit.


  • Immediate site audits are available
  • SERP analyzing capability for the detailed ranking report
  • Suggestions for improving your content
  • Pulling out the top recommendations for better ranking

Price of the Software

It has an array of plans ranging from hobby to business plan. You can get it for as low as 49 USD per month to as high as 199 USD per month. Annual billing will cost you 20% cheaper.


Finding a free keyword tool is quite tricky and with some excellent capabilities. Google keyword planner may be wonderful and free software, but it still has limitations. Ubersuggest is the best alternative to search for some great free keyword research tools. It is an excellent option for cash-strapped website owners looking to gain traction with their websites.

This one provides you both the short and long-tail keywords along with their search volume. Moreover, it also provides the percentage difficulty of the particular keyword and uses colours to clarify which one is difficult to use. Not only that, but it also has a great feature of finding some content ideas. You can add a keyword, and it will pull out several websites that use that keyword. Moreover, it provides excellent information about the backlinks—a worthy tool to get some basic insights.


  •  Indicates keyword research volume
  •  Provides both short and long-tail keywords
  •  Indicates the percentage difficulty of a keyword
  •  Great use of colors to make it user friendly
  • Content idea generator

Price of the Software

Besides providing many features, free Ubersuggest does come with some paid plans. A monthly one and a lifetime one. For monthly, you have to pay about 29 euro per month to 99 euro per month depending upon the plan you go for.


Looking for something like Moz and Ahrefs but more affordable, go for Mangools. Mangools is the best affordable option for the new site owners out there. Do not have the budget to go for a more premium version, go for this one. This software is a complete tool kit with five different SEO elements under its umbrella.

You might have heard a lot about the KWFinder that helps you research the keywords with low SEO difficulty. Yes, this tool resides under the umbrella of Mangools. And not only that, but it also provides you with the SERP Checker, Link Miner, and Site Profiler. This one is like the previous ones that we mentioned. Capable of handling On-page and off-page SEO works but on an affordable budget.


  • Simple to use interface
  • SERP analyzer tool
  • Site Profiler tool
  • Backlink analyzer
  • Keyword Finder tool

Price of the Software

Mangools provides you with a 40 per cent discount if you go for yearly plans. It has three plans starting from $29.90 per month to $79.90 per month.

Keywordtool.Io is a versatile keyword research tool and has been in use by the content marketing agency for a long time. This one is the best for finding long-tail keywords and works best with all kinds of search engines. This one is not limited to Google but is also compatible with Amazon, YouTube, and Instagram. That means you also get keyword ideas from these widely used search engines.

If your only concern is searching the keyword and the long tail ones that many keyword planners like the Google ones hide, go for this one. A reliable tool for organic research of the keywords with accurate data and also to get some great keyword ideas.


  •  Provides data about the keyword popularity
  •  User-friendly interface no learning needed
  • Data about CPC if the keyword
  • A perfect tool for long-tail keywords

Price of the Software

This one comes with a paid plan from $89 per month, but if you go for the yearly plan, then you get a discounted price of $69 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What’s The Best SEO Audit Tool?

Go for SEMrushScreaming Frog, and the Site bulb to run the site audits. These tools mentioned have some of the best features like finding broken links, detecting errors, and other technical features that give you a detailed report about your site’s performance. We have used all 3 but when it comes to cost and you have to make one pick then SEMRush is the one. Screaming frog is for more technical experienced people and is a must for an SEO pro. Sitebulb is like its rival but also requires technical knowledge.

SEMrush: Has a domain audit feature that lets you compare your website with the competitor to get insights on how your web is performing compared to them. Starting off, go for this as you have a bunch of other features to use in combination.

Screaming Frog: A fast and efficient site auditing tool that provides you with complete audit reports in a few seconds. Provides you with the data about your headers, meta descriptions, broken links, errors and redirects. Also compatible with the Google Search Console and Analytics.

Site Bulb: A comparatively new tool compared to the Screaming Frog but is great for site auditing. Provides you with complete tutorials on how to audit sites. Visually appealing and easy to read reports.

Best SEO Keyword Research Tools 

The most sought out tools for keyword research are UbersuggestGoogle keyword plannerGoogle trends, and SEMrush. Although we didn’t mention the Google keyword planner and the Google trend, these are also some of the best keyword research tools. Ubersuggest and SEMrush are excellent tools and provide you with a detailed analysis of the designated keywords.

UberSuggest: A great tool for finding short and long-tail keywords. You can get great content ideas from this software and even get to know the percentage difficulty of the keyword. It is an excellent backlink provider, and the best part is that it is a free tool.

Google Keyword Planner: Another free tool for keyword research. You can use this tool to search for new keywords. Aside from that, it also provides you with the search volume and the cost of the targeted keywords.

Google Trends: As the name suggests, you can get to know about the keywords that are in trend. It also helps you find the seasonal trends and what topics are trending at present. Moreover, it is also a helpful tool for optimizing your strategies for local SEO.

SEMrush: Provides you with both paid and organic keyword research. Also, you can analyze the Google ad campaigns with this one. An advanced tool for both On-page and off-Page SEO.

Best On-Page SEO Tool 

On-page SEO is another critical aspect, and you cannot rank without doing a proper On-page SEO of your site. The best tools to go with for On-page SEO are SEMrushScreaming FrogAhrefs, and Site bulb.

Helping you to navigate your ranking, monitor keyword performance, and generate a detailed report about the competitor’s website, you can never go wrong with these tools.

SEMrush: As we mentioned previously, it can work for both On-page and off-page SEO. It can also provide you with backlink analysis, site audits, Google ad campaign analysis and keyword research.

Screaming Frog: Aside from providing great site audits, this one can also provide suggestions about the headers and the meta descriptions. Moreover, it helps you identify the site’s weak points and how you can improve them.

Ahrefs: A powerful tool for both On-page and off-Page SEO. The powerful keyword research tool and domain analysis keep you updated about your site performance. Moreover, have a web crawler second best to Google with significant speed and size.

In A Nutshell

So now you are well aware of what SEO tools are and how they can help your site. SEO is an ever-evolving technique, and more and more techniques will come out in the coming future. But some things will remain the same, like the best use of keywords, Site audits, and On-page SEO.

For an all-rounder SEO tool to help with every part of your SEO, even PPC and social media, go for SEMRush. We have used this tool for many years and it just keeps getting better. Start a trial, set up every tool they have easily and manage your SEO efficiently and effectively.

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