Website Maintenance Cork & Dublin

Website Maintenance Cork & Ireland
website maintenance cork and ireland
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Website Management

Riordan SEO Ireland provides website maintenance supporting sites based on the WordPress content management system. We can help you preserve your website investment by putting together a website maintenance service plan to keep your website secure, healthy, online and up to date.

Apart from digital marketing, one of the most important parts of owning and operating a website is maintaining it on a regular basis. Don’t wait until it is several versions behind or has been hacked. Website maintenance is all too often overlooked, without realising you run the risk of putting your website security at risk. Software patches and updates not only help your website operate more efficiently but also fix security vulnerabilities. These threats can be used by malicious individuals that will slow your website down, crash your website or even steal data.

Some Website Maintenance Services include:

  • Regular software updates (core, themes and plugins)
  • Malware and hack detection with immediate cleanup
  • Backups
  • Website performance and uptime monitoring
  • Optimize Database
  • Page Speed Testing
  • Check for Broken Links
  • Form Testing & Recommendations
  • New Web Pages & content changes
  • SEO Rankings Performance
  • Analytics & Tracking Check
  • Search Console Errors


How Much Does Website Management Cost?


We can provide one-off website maintenance by the hour or long-term packages to give you peace of mind and ensure your website runs 24/7. The most popular Maintenance Package includes all major updates provided either by a monthly basis or every quarter of the year.

website management cork and ireland

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