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Website Development Grant Ireland – Trading Online Voucher Scheme

The Government of Ireland, more precisely the Department of Enterprises, implemented a very practical and useful new project, the Trading Online Voucher Scheme, aimed at assisting small companies in Ireland in increasing sales and improving their online trade performance, effectiveness, and digital visibility. 

What is a Trading Online Voucher Scheme?


The Trading Online Voucher (TOV) focuses on all costs related to small businesses’ websites, including design, online advertising, social network presence and branding, SEO and content, and organization management. Entrepreneurs, with the assistance of this benefit grant, may finally boost their online presence and empower their marketing techniques, to grow their revenue and achieve the total business success they desire.

You can also use the full grant to cover a digital strategy. At Riordan SEO, we have successfully helped many firms approve of digital strategies which covered some of the following;

  1. SEO Implementation
  2. Training and strategy

seo Website Development Grant Ireland - Trading Online Voucher Scheme

What types of businesses are eligible for the Website Development Grant?

This LEO (Local Enterprise Office) project is intended to assist as many small enterprises as possible, regardless of their sector. Since the start of this project, there have been a huge number of successful grant applications in a variety of industries, including legal services, cleaning companies, digital marketing, e-commerce, online stores, and many more.

The concept behind this initiative is that the funds from the government grant will be utilized to upgrade small company websites, whether they need to be repaired or built from the ground up with new ideas and improved content. Investing in an online presence aims to help businesses reach new markets, improve their financial situation by boosting sales and earnings, expanding digital visibility, and creating a solid foundation for a successful and productive future.

This initiative promotes the idea that online media awareness is an important part of any company’s operation and that it may help ensure growth and success, whether your organization is virtual or physical.

However, to qualify for TOV in Ireland, a company must fulfil certain criteria, including:

  • That the company has a profitability of fewer than 2 million euros,
  • That each company has prepared a clear and high-quality project proposal that fits the LEO application requirements,
  • That the firm employs fewer than ten people,
  • That the company has been in existence for more than six years,
  • That all applied businesses have been trading for at least six months,
  • That all businesses that register are located in an LEO-covered area.

Which Irish companies are not eligible to use the Trading Online Voucher?

Although the criteria and requirements that businesses must follow and meet when applying for TOV are well-defined, some standards specify which projects or organizations do not qualify for registration and thus are not eligible to apply for business grants. According to some of these conditions, all charities and non-profit organizations that do not operate in commercial domains are unable to apply for a Trading Online Voucher from LEO. Furthermore, any conferences and seminars, professional organizations based on IT services, initiatives that are in disagreement with public policy, and sectors of business that are prohibited from the Trading Online Voucher Scheme as indicated by their NACE Code are also deemed ineligible.

What types of assistance does Trading Online Voucher Scheme provide?

If your company is based in Ireland and fits all of the above criteria while adhering to all of the terms and conditions, it’s time to find out what kind of assistance and support you’ll get if LEO grants you a Trading Online Voucher (TOV). TOV offers a variety of services and solutions aimed at raising online media visibility and strengthening the online platforms of various enterprises, including:

  • Professional consultations for the IT business sector,
  • Creating a new e-commerce website or improving an existing one,
  • Implementing or improving payment and booking systems,
  • Purchase of online software that is both required and suitable for a specific business,
  • Developing and putting into action an effective digital marketing plan,
  • Designing and implementing an app,
  • Providing all workers inside the company with the appropriate training or skills exercises for managing online trading practices,
  • Purchase of online advertising services  (that make up no more than 30% of total authorized voucher expenses) and professional photography (no more than 80% of total approved voucher costs).


Website Development Grant TOV implementation outcomes

The Irish government announced the first outcomes of the effective implementation of the Trading Online Voucher 6 months after presenting the proposal to the public, according to its LEO Website, and the results were more than satisfying.

According to the website, 7 out of 10 businesses claimed the voucher registration process has already aided them in understanding how online trade might integrate into their operations, while 70% of businesses have seen an increase in client inquiries and 55% have seen a rise in revenues.

While business managers and operators are dedicating more time to online trading, 60% expect to need to hire within the next 12 months, and even 70% of all online purchases produced in Ireland are from abroad.

How To Apply For The TOV Website Development Grant Ireland

Here are the steps to apply for the TOV Website Development Grant in Ireland:

  1. Review the eligibility criteria – Before applying for the grant, it is essential to make sure your business is eligible. To be eligible, your business must have a physical presence in Ireland and be registered with the Companies Registration Office. Additionally, the business must have a minimum turnover of €50,000 per annum and employ no more than 50 employees.
  2. Attend Information Seminar
  3. Create a detailed proposal – To apply for the grant, you must submit a detailed proposal outlining your website development plans, including the proposed timeline and budget. Your proposal should also explain how the new or improved website will help your business achieve its goals. At Riordan SEO, can provide a proposal and quote.
  4. Submit your proposal – Once you have completed your proposal, you can submit it to the TOV Website Development Grant program. You can do this by filling out the online application form available on the TOV website.
  5. Wait for a response – After you have submitted your proposal, you will need to wait for a response from the TOV team. They will review your proposal and decide whether to award you the grant.
  6. Get started – If your proposal is successful, you will receive the grant money to cover the costs of developing your website. You will then need to work with a web developer to create or improve your website based on the proposal you submitted.
  7. Submit a progress report – Once the website is developed, you will need to submit a progress report to the TOV team. This report which we will supply, should detail how the website has helped your business achieve its goals and provide evidence of the impact it has had.

Trading Online Voucher Scheme Application Form

Download the application from the LEO website. (make sure it’s within your local area) Click Here

Then get in touch with us to get the most out of your funding.