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E-commerce SEO is the key to success in any online business. And we’re the best at what we do. We can help get your eCommerce website ranking higher than ever before so you can start making more sales and take a slice of this rapidly growing industry.

With over 20% growth in the e-commerce industry expected by 2022, now is the time to invest in eCommerce SEO services. Our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way, and we’ll ensure your business sees the results it deserves. Get in touch today for a free consultation!

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How We Beat The May 2022 Core Update

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In this insightful case study, we will unveil our precise SEO strategy that led to outstanding results, including a 500% increase in search traffic and a 60% boost in transactions. Discover…

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Our E-commerce Optimisation Service

Increase Your Visibility & Sky Rocket Sales

Search Engine Optimisation is mostly used to increase search ranking positions. The top results get more traffic. Compared to other digital marketing techniques, SEO offers the greatest value and the following advantages:

  • Solid return on investment
  • Long-term results
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Superior user experience
  • Lower costs for pay-per-click (PPC) ads
  • More website traffic and sales

Ecommerce strategies are also designed based on your specific objectives. Whether you want to drive more traffic to specific product pages or boost brand awareness, we can tailor our approach to align with your goals.

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We offer the best e-commerce SEO services for businesses all over Ireland and overseas.

What To Expect

  • Drive Brand Awareness: SEO for ecommerce is one of the most effective ways to increase consumer knowledge of your brand and products. By getting your listings to the top of Google Search results, people become more exposed to your brand.
  • Expand Your Reach: With effective ecommerce SEO services, you do not need to limit your sales to customers in Ireland. You can expand your reach to almost anywhere in the world. Start targeting potential buyers in different geographical regions to boost your sales.
  • Enjoy Long-Lasting Results: PPC advertising offers immediate results but the traffic stops when you stop your ad campaign. Your website can continue to benefit from ecommerce SEO for months or even years. The advantages are also cumulative. As you increase your search rankings, it becomes easier to stay at the top.
  • Elevate Your Content: Optimisation often requires edits to your existing website content, such as the insertion of specific keywords. This optimisation increases the relevance of your content or product descriptions for user searches, helping to deliver more website traffic to your pages.
  • Acquire More Customers: The overall goal of ecommerce SEO is to help you gain more customers. Our solutions bring more traffic to your website. With more people browsing your products, you should naturally experience increased sales, especially from new customers.
  • Beat Your Competition: Our professional services provide a competitive advantage, helping you achieve a higher ranking compared to your competitors. Drive more customers to your store instead of letting them go to your competition.
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What Is E-commerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO involves various optimisation strategies for helping your online store and individual product listings appear higher in search results. The goal is to get more people to discover your offerings when searching for relevant products.
Search Engine Optimisation typically includes a series of changes to your website along with off-site processes intended to increase the credibility of your online store. To increase your online presence, we may employ some of the following techniques as part of our eCommerce SEO Services:

  • SEO Audit
  • E-commerce Keyword research based on your goals
  • Updates to the overall site architecture
  • Ecommerce On-page SEO using strategic keywords
  • Content Strategies
  • Technical SEO to help search engines crawl your site
  • Ecommerce Off-page SEO – Link building strategies to increase domain authority

Why Is SEO Important For E-Commerce?

Search engines rely on complex algorithms to determine the relevance of webpages to individual search results. We pay attention to changes in these algorithms to continue delivering superior SEO results.
When you search for “Sweaters Ireland,” Google assumes that you want to look at sweaters available from stores in Ireland. The search engine then finds relevant pages and orders them based on the authority of the website and other factors.
Ecommerce search engine ranking services provides a way to increase your authority and boost your search positions, helping people discover your products.

Here is a closer look at how we choose the right techniques for reaching your objectives.

  • Ecommerce Technical Audit: We start with a comprehensive technical audit of your website. We look for any issues that may keep your website from appearing higher in search results, such as broken links or navigation issues. We also ensure that your site is optimised for mobile devices, which is an important factor in search rankings.
  • Ecommerce On-Page SEO: After a technical audit, we implement on-page SEO. This is the core of our service and involves extensive keyword research and the optimisation of various internal elements such as site architecture and internal linking structure.
  • Ecommerce Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO mostly involves link building, citations, and local listings. We utilise a variety of sources, including popular directories and social media platforms. We also look for industry-specific listings and directories to increase the trust and domain authority of your website.

Why Partner With Us?

At Riordan SEO Ireland, we use a tailored approach to deliver custom search engine optimisation. We listen to your business goals and work with you to devise a strategy that matches your needs.
You can count on us to follow industry standards and best practices.

Only use white hat SEO solutions, ensuring that your website is never penalised by search engines.
Have worked with businesses in a variety of industries and know what it takes to deliver a favourable return on investment.

We understand how Google and other search engines think, allowing us to create more effective campaigns.
Contact us today so we can learn more about your e-Commerce needs.

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Ready to Grow Your Business?

We provide all the essentials to ensure consistent, top-tier traffic and leads, ultimately boosting your sales.

Get in touch with us today and send some basic info about your project.