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What is national SEO and how is it different from other services? National SEO is intended to boost your online exposure nationwide as opposed to focusing on your local area. It involves the use of targeted keywords and various on-page and off-page tactics to reach a bigger audience.

Switching from a local focus to a national focus brings many additional challenges for businesses of all sizes. Marketing to potential customers throughout Ireland brings more competition and a more diverse audience. Many of the strategies used for localised SEO services may not provide the same results nationwide.

Working with a national SEO consultancy allows you to address these challenges head-on. At Riordan SEO, we know what it takes to compete nationally. Our process includes multiple steps to deliver superior results:

  • Research
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Analytics and reporting

When you try to sell products or services to a larger market, you may find yourself dealing with different customers and greater competition. Nationwide SEO includes the techniques required to stand out from your biggest competitors and address the needs of your customers.

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SEO Case Studies

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280% Increase In Organic Traffic

We will show you how our team at Riordan SEO increased our client’s monthly organic search traffic by 280%. As a result of the strategies that we implemented, we increased monthly search traffic from 12,428 to 34,798.

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112% Increase in Inbound Lead Generation Via SEO

We will show you how our team at Riordan SEO increased our client’s monthly inbound leads by 112% while improving the quality of leads.

What’s very interesting about this case study is the high ratio increase in leads compared to traffic. This results from targeting the right keywords that serve intent Vs high-volume keywords. Traffic also increased by 147%.

What We Do

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis


The selection of keywords is critical for attracting the right customers and achieving better search result rankings. Our national search engine optimisation (SEO) services based out of Cork and Dublin include keyword research to find the best phrases and terms. We look at keyword volume, competition, and other details to select words based on your specific business objectives.

Along with keyword research, we research your competition and market. We learn more about your customers’ needs, including how they search for related products or services, and the strategies used by your competition to attract more customers.

On-Page SEO for Reaching a National Audience


Our national SEO services involve extensive on-page optimisation. Based on our research, we look for ways to incorporate targeted keywords in your content, titles, descriptions, and metadata. We also examine some of the issues that may hurt your search rankings, such as site architecture.

If your page does not load quickly or fails to load properly on mobile devices, your pages may not appear in national search rankings. We review these factors to ensure that your site is ready for the national stage.


Off-Page SEO for Building Your Authority


Our off-page optimisation techniques are used to build more trust and authority for your website. Quality backlinks, citations, and other online mentions of your business or website directly influence national search rankings.

To help your site climb the search rankings, we look for backlink and citation-building opportunities that have the greatest impact. Instead of focusing on generating a large number of backlinks, we aim to generate greater quality links, boosting your site’s credibility in search engines’ eyes.

Ongoing Analytics and Reporting for Continued Success


SEO is a long-term solution that can be a key part of your growth strategy. However, it may take weeks or months to start noticing the positive results of national SEO services. Monitoring your search rankings is necessary for evaluating the success of your campaign.

At Riordan SEO, we offer complete transparency in our operations. We provide clients with reports so you can monitor our progress and the rise of your web pages in search rankings.

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Why Does Your Business Need National SEO Services?

Nationwide Optimisation is often the next step after establishing your business locally. Acquiring new customers is essential for any business that wants to grow. After you conquer the local market, it is time to start broadening your marketing efforts.

SEO is often an equaliser, helping to bridge the competition gap between large corporations and smaller businesses. Using the best strategies allows you to compete with companies nationally. It provides a way to cut through your competition’s advertising and reach more customers.

If you are ready for the next stage in the growth of your business, Riordan SEO is ready to help. We are a national SEO company with an extensive track record of helping our clients attract more customers nationwide. If you want to grow your business, contact us for a free consultation.

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