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Essential SEO Tool Chrome Extensions

If you’ve ever delved into the world of digital marketing, you’ll quickly realise the sheer number of tools available to make our lives easier. As a seasoned professional, I’ve sampled countless tools, and we are now sharing our top 21 Chrome extensions that we use daily to ensure top-notch productivity and performance.

Let’s begin with some of the most essential SEO tools that have found a permanent spot on my Chrome toolbar.



An extension we have been using and has never left its position on our browser. It offers swift domain authority (DA) checks, making it a reliable tool in our SEO arsenal.

SEO Quake

This tool is a boon for those seeking to inspect simple on-page elements quickly. With SEO Quake at your disposal and can access critical SEO data instantly, keeping me on top of your game.

Ayima Redirect Path

Ayima Redirect Path has proven to be an excellent tool for manually inspecting page redirects.


From ‘People Also Ask’ (PAA) scraping to SERP inspection, Detailed offers many useful functions. Its versatility and comprehensive features have made it one of my absolute favourite Chrome extensions.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere serves as a powerful extension to quickly acquire a range of keyword data. It even provides a cost-effective API for those interested in building their tools.

Technical SEO Analysis Extensions

Next up, let’s discuss some technical analysis tools that help me decipher the nuts and bolts of websites.


BuiltWith allows you to inspect the structure of any site, from the CMS and hosting to many other technical aspects. It’s like having X-ray vision for websites!

Quick JavaScript Switcher

For inspecting rendering issues or JavaScript conflicts during technical audits, Quick JavaScript Switcher is the tool of choice. It truly simplifies the process of troubleshooting technical SEO challenges.


Lighthouse is a brilliant extension for retrieving a wealth of performance, webpage quality, and best practice data. The actionable insights it offers are truly invaluable in the process of website optimisation.


With SelectorGadget, extracting X-paths and other site elements is as easy as one click. This extension is an absolute game-changer for technical audits.

Productivity Boosting Extensions For SEO

Efficiency is key in the fast-paced world of SEO. Here are a few tools that boost my productivity levels.

Open Multiple URLs

Open Multiple URLs proves incredibly handy during the visual inspection of pages in audits. It allows me to open a batch of pages simultaneously, saving precious time and effort.

Scrape Similar

Scrape Similar lets me harvest all sorts of data from the web, without needing to code. It’s essentially a data scraper that fits right into your browser!


For advanced SERP scraping, without needing to code, I use Linkclump. It’s a versatile tool that lets me quickly gather data from search results.

Password Manager

Since I have over 100 passwords for various SEO tools to remember, a password manager extension is a lifesaver. It ensures you can access any tool you need without remembering countless passwords.

Awesome Screenshots

The functionality of Awesome Screenshots is self-explanatory and its utility is undeniable. It’s a simple, yet incredibly effective tool for capturing, annotating, and sharing screenshots.

Communication and SEO Outreach Extensions

We rely on the following tools to ensure communication and outreach are always on point.

Hunter io

Hunter io is an extensionthat allows me to scrape email addresses from nearly any website. This is a significant time-saver for conducting outreach campaigns.


UseBubbles is a fantastic tool for video recording and screengrabbing while explaining things. It’s particularly useful when communicating with clients across different time zones and providing a clear, visual explanation of my findings or suggestions.

User Experience and Content Management Extensions

Improving user experience and managing content are also vital aspects of my daily work. Here’s what we use to achieve that.


While Ezoic isn’t strictly an SEO extension, we find it incredibly useful for customising ad locations on my affiliate websites. It allows for a user-friendly ad experience that doesn’t compromise the site’s design or functionality.


Similarweb enables you to instantly retrieve a top-level view of a website, including estimated performance, country rank, and competing sites. It’s a valuable tool for competitor analysis and site benchmarking.


AdBlock needs no introduction. This extension helps you clear the workspace of annoying pop-ups and distracting ads, improving your focus and productivity.

Google Translate

In an increasingly globalised world, Google Translate comes in handy for instantly translating any webpage to any language of choice, ensuring smooth communication with international clients or accessing non-English content.

Grammarly FREE

Grammarly FREE is essential to maintaining professional communication. It helps catch typos and ensures emails and reports are error-free, preventing potential embarrassment.


Chrome extensions have become vital to my daily work, enhancing productivity, providing actionable insights, and simplifying communication. The right set of tools can make all the difference in delivering efficient and top-quality work in the dynamic world of digital marketing. We hope you find these extensions as helpful as we do and that they aid you in achieving your SEO goals.

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