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We have worked with hundreds of clients in different niches. Many businesses that approach us have experienced working with an SEO company yet are still looking for a better result. Let us tell you why. The problem is that not all firms deliver. We hear that about every SEO agency in Cork claims they have a secret recipe.

Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. In fact, according to some reports, it can change up to 500 times in a single year. While most of these changes are minor and go unnoticed by the average user, occasionally significant updates can significantly impact a website’s search ranking.

For example, Google Panda and Penguin were designed to crack down on low-quality websites that used black hat tactics like keyword stuffing and link buying.

As a result, ensuring that your campaign is based on white hat techniques and high-quality content is more important than ever. Otherwise, you’re unlikely to see any success in the SERPs.

The truth is all the info you need to know about SEO is available online, with over 300 different factors. And many of them claim to be the 'best SEO services in Cork', or claim their techniques are 'Award Winning'.

Instead, choose a firm that understands the technical world of Search Engine Optimisation with proven competence and a unique style.
Search Engine Optimisation is more complex than it looks on paper.

You need to work with a local SEO company that handles everything from backlinks to content to keywords and reports.

We also provide an honest service with every hour accounted for. Accurate Reports, Real Results!

At Riordan SEO, we have mastered the art of search engine optimisation and can get you the boost that you need. We’ll prepare your website for the latest algorithm updates and ensure your site is most future-ready for Google’s AI Rank brain.

Instead of the traditional keyword approach, we focus more on the E-A-T (now called E-E-A-T) guidelines that include the role of search intent, topics, and entities and how they connect to your website.

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    How to explain SEO In 2023

    seo cork expert

    "One way to understand Search Engine optimisation is by creating content (on-page SEO) in a format suitable for the needs and expectations of Google's users for the questions they ask.
    Another way is via brand mentions and backlinks from relevant and authoritative sites (off-page SEO) that will give a vote of confidence. Your online presence must build a relationship with search engines. Convincing search engines that you are an expert in your industry.
    Where many SEO companies in Cork go wrong is thinking that successful SEO is about tricking search engines. However, the truth is that success is about partnering with search engines to provide the best results for its users."

    Types Of SEO

    Why Our SEO Company Is Key To Your Online Success.

    Industry Case Studies - 800% Increase In Traffic


    Industry: News, Awards & Job Site



    1. Maximise traffic for news articles and their affiliated job site and awards site.
    2. Manage and maximise the potential for all traffic channels.
    3. Manage ad space banners as a revenue stream.
    4. Manage connected job site and award site by maximising applications and sign ups.

    The Outcome Of Our Strategy;


    1. 800% Increase in traffic and still growing. 
    2. 280% Increase in sign-ups.
    3. Naturally earned links as a result of good content and Google news appearance. 
    4. Growth in ad revenue, with a steady and consistent increase over time. 
    5. Overall improved User Experience, as evidenced by more user engagement (average session duration increased by 32%). 
    6. Achieved organic first-page rankings for highly competitive keywords. 
    7. Increased visibility in Google News. 
    8. The engagement rate increased due to a better user journey.
    9. Ad revenue increased due to improved ad placement and management.
    10. Connected sites also improved all around as a result of directing users and passing authority.
    improved rankings through our SEO case studies

    How We Did It; The 8 Month Journey Of This Project

    Month 1

    Audit & Basics

    A thorough SEO Audit was completed and  we created a roadmap to prioritise what needed to be done in a timely fashion. This was a drupal site and we started with the basics which included meta tags and programming variables for different terms. The first month also ensured optimal meta data existed throughout the whole site taxonomy. Sitemap was also reconfigured for better crawling.

    Month 1

    Month 2

    Content Strategy

    We explored opportunities to exploit hot trending keywords, topics and trends on google. We built entities and topics around platforms such as google discover and news. A bespoke best practice article writing guide for SEO was created and shared with editors to add an optimised structure to their articles. Some of the articles were built around buzz words such as top 100, best of etc. We also put together industry statistical articles that provided insightful information to users.

    Month 2

    Month 3

    Linking & Structure

    We conducted a Link audit which included 2 parts; backlinks and internal linking structure. An article linking strategy was set up so that we could connect topics and entities. Navigation, taxonomy and breadcrumbs were updated. A backlink audit was also conducted and included prospects to improve Authority.

    Month 3

    Month 4

    Google News SEO Signals

    By this stage it was time to tick off more of the signals needed for Google news and Discover. We implemented schema markup across the site and implemented a google news sitemap.

    Month 4

    Month 5

    Better Rankings

    By this stage, we achieved number 1 positions for a range of top keywords. We also saw huge spikes in traffic on Google discover.  Google news traffic soared by over 800% and Google discover traffic led to a spike in over 5,000 clicks in just 30 days.

    Month 5

    Month 6



    After fully reviewing prospects it was now time to process and get backlinks live. We started backlink building through press releases for the most competitive keywords and only sourced a link that would provide relevant traffic. We helped design articles that were statistical and resulted in numerous High authority sites (some sites were 90+ DA) linking to these articles.

    Month 6

    Month 7

    Monetisation Of Platforms

    The Ad selling space on the website needed an Audit. We searched for the best platform so different ads could be served for different audiences. It was vital if a user is reading an article with a category called careers, that ads such as jobs would be served. Ads were setup through tag manager and managed through an advanced platform.

    Month 7

    Month 8

    Improved Results & New Opportunities

    While SEO was still ongoing with more opportunities to improve traffic further, we decided to review a whole new fresh digital marketing strategy. We audited all marketing channels and mapped out a new plan so that SEO, email, social and PPC Ads campaigns all contributed to the best ROI.

    An overview of the results so far by month 8 which were better than expected. Here were the results:

    1. Google discover has consistently shown huge spikes in traffic since month 4. 
    2. Google News now picking up every article and resulting in over an 800% increase in traffic in the first month after implementing changes.
    3. Much improved UX which led to an increase in sessions and reduced bounce rate.
    4. Technical SEO much improved and resulted in articles getting indexed faster.
    5. Monetisation ad revenue also increased with a better serving of ads per topic.
    6. Successful PR resulted in new readership viewers from other sites.
    7. Natural backlinks where other sites linked to us without asking due to providing statistical and quality content. This was all the achieved through our ongoing content strategy which was planned in Month 2.


    Month 8

    Our First Page Ranking Process

    analyse business marketing

    Step 1: Understanding Your Business

    We believe in providing customised services and would like to know more about your business, target audience, and competitors to ensure you can dethrone competition.

    website auditing and research

    Step 2: Deep Analysis

    The next step is analysing your business, finding the best route to help you gather steam on search engines, and understanding the best possibilities.

    Step 3: Concrete Plan

    Once we know what we wish to achieve, we’d plan and set map out a strategy. Our SEO Cork services use a mix of prioritised techniques to achieve results.

    executing seo cork digital strategy

    Step 4: Execute & Report

    Once the plan is ready, it is time to put it into motion. We are the experts who work round the clock to ensure our targets are met. We offer monthly reports to help you determine how we’re doing. These detailed reports include graphics and charts to help you understand how your business is doing online.

    Get In Touch Now!

    An SEO company in Cork that can back up what we talk about
    data driven team demonstrating seo services cork

    A Team that Lives and Breathes SEO

    Partner with Us for Unmatched Results

    At Riordan SEO, we take our work very seriously. Search engine optimisation is not just a job for us. It’s a passion we live and breathes every day.

    This dedication has helped us become one of the industry’s most trusted and respected SEO firms.

    So, what sets us apart from other SEO companies in Cork? It all comes down to our hard work and transparent services. When you partner with us, you’re not just getting a vendor but a true marketing partner.

    Our team are passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest trends, strategies, and best practices.

    We attend industry conferences, read the latest articles and studies, and participate in ongoing training and education to ensure that we’re always on the cutting edge of the SEO world.

    This means that our clients benefit from the most effective and innovative techniques available.

    But it’s not just about technical knowledge, our team members also have a deep understanding of the business world. We know that SEO is not just about getting your website to rank high in search engine results pages it’s about driving real results for your business.

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    On Page SEO Cork Services

    Technical Audits

    A technical audit is an essential part of our SEO services. We thoroughly review your web pages to find issues that can hurt your search rankings. Examples include broken links, missing metadata, schema markup, and other technical errors.

    UX & UI Optimisation

    Your website must load correctly on the most popular devices, including smartphones and tablets. We optimise your site to ensure that it is mobile-friendly. We also look for ways to boost the speed of your sites. Mobile-friendly website designs and speed are two signals Google uses for determining search rankings.

    Market & Keyword Research

    Finding the right keywords requires more than basic research on popular keywords for your industry. We dive into the needs and interests of your target customers through detailed market research.

    Meta & Taxonomies

    We thoroughly review your web pages to find issues that can hurt your search rankings. Examples include broken links, missing metadata, schema markup, and other technical errors.

    Content Marketing

    Unique and informative content is needed to give search engines something to index. Your services and product listings will not likely appear on the first page of Google search results without content. We can review existing content and supply a customer-focused range from a team of professional writers to boost your on-page SEO score.


    We plan & create valuable blog and content marketing strategies.

    Off Page SEO Cork Services

    Link Audit and Building

    Toxic backlinks harm your rankings, and your site can suffer from a penalty if it is associated with the wrong links. Building links is now a lot more detailed, and careful assessment will be considered when building Domain Authority. We provide toxic link removal when we feel your site has been spammed with the wrong links. We also provide link building services from relevant sites and will only add these links if they provide genuinely relevant traffic.

    Citations & Profiles For Local SEO

    We are performing successful local optimisation strategies for small and medium-sized businesses all over Ireland. Examples include the creation of business listings in top search engine directories, including Google Maps/Places, Bing Local, Yelp and many others. Local Optimisation is crucial for every business as companies start locally with their venture.

    Business Profile Optimisation

    Google relies on several sources for information related to local businesses. To maintain or achieve a solid online presence in your local area, you need optimised listings in Google, Yelp, Bing, and other top sites. We optimise these profiles to help customers find your business.

    Social Media

    Google and other search engines claim that social media does not influence rankings. However, we know that social media is a prime website traffic source, which impacts your rankings. We can configure or optimise your social media profiles to ensure that you offer a consistent experience across platforms.

    Your customers On Google May Not Give You A 2nd chance to make a first impression

    Beyond Our Services

    Amazing Local Facts You Need To Check Out
    • The first factory ‘Ford Motor Company’ built outside the USA was in Cork. Where owner Henry Ford’s ancestors were from.
    • Cork Harbour is said to be the second largest natural harbour in the world, after Sydney Harbor in Australia.
    • According to the CSO, 94% of individuals use the internet daily, with 43% of these individuals utilising it almost constantly, an increase of eight percentage points from the previous year. One in fourteen had never used the internet.
    • One of the keywords you may have used to find us, ‘SEO Cork‘, is searched around 720 times per month In Ireland. Globally this keyword ‘SEO Cork’ is reached around 1.2k times per month.
    • ‘SEO services Cork’ comes in 2nd with around 50 searches per month. Followed by ‘SEO company Cork‘ with 30 searches and ‘SEO consultant Cork’ (20 searches). 
    figure 21 individuals cso ireland internet facts

    Search Engine Optimisation FAQ

    • A. SEO will still exist five years from now. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an essential online marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes, and it's likely to remain the same for many years.
      Google's algorithms are designed to serve the best information for a user's query, and SEO is built by understanding these complex algorithms.
      It seems that while some aspects of SEO may change over time (such as keyword research techniques), certain principles will always remain constant:
    • optimising your website's structure and content for both users and search engines
    • refining link-building strategies
    • encouraging user engagement through social media
    • tracking key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • understanding what your competitors are doing

    All these components are essential to any successful marketing strategy in 2023.


    Absolutely. If you want to do SEO yourself, the first step is to familiarise yourself with the basics by reading blogs or tutorials to understand how it works. This will give you an understanding of what search engines look for in a website, so when you make changes, they will be beneficial.

    Start by choosing a topic of interest for a blog as an experiment. Buy a domain, install WordPress and try to make it rank. 

    The truth is, it takes so much time to grasp all the information out there. The best way to learn is by getting 1-to-1 training for the quickest path to success. We offer training for individuals and large companies with in-house staff. Learn more about our SEO training courses here.


    A. There could be a variety of reasons, including poor SEO. Since many websites compete for the top spot, you must continue optimising your website if you wish to remain on the top.
    You need to work on SEO to avoid slipping in the ranking, which will affect your traffic depending on how much of it is organic. If your traffic has decreased in the last few months, then you must opt for a complete audit to identify the causes.
    Our team can use various tools to perform audits and prepare detailed reports to help you fully understand why your website has been getting fewer visitors.

    A. It's likely due to poor SEO. You need to appear on search engine pages and show on the first or second page for users to find your products or services since more than 67 per cent of all clicks go to the top five pages that appear on the SERP. It's believed that the first page gets 95 per cent of the traffic, leaving only 5 per cent for the remaining pages.
    If you need more clicks, improve your search engine ranking, and come up with better titles and META. We can help you do the needful. Get in touch with us today.
    If you need more clicks, improve your search engine ranking, and come up with better titles and META. We can help you do the needful. You need to work on SEO to avoid slipping in the ranking, which will affect your traffic depending on how much of it is organic. If your traffic has decreased in the last few months, then you must opt for a complete audit to identify the causes.
    Our team can use various tools to perform audits and prepare detailed reports to help you fully understand why your website has been getting fewer visitors.

    A. The short answer is a big yes!

    The benefits of working with a reputable SEO company are plentiful;

    • Have deep knowledge of the latest updates from major search engines
    • Use effective strategies such as link-building and content creation
    • Provide regular reports outlining the progress made for your website's visibility
    • The results-based approach will ensure that you are getting value for money.

    SEO isn't something you should take lightly, either. There's much more to it than cramming keywords onto your website pages or boosting backlinks without regard for quality or relevance. 

    If done correctly, these tactics may lead to better search rankings. A good SEO company knows all about best practices so that their clients' sites remain safe from undesirable outcomes while providing tangible results on the SERPs.

    A. The cost depends on several factors, including the nature of your website, the current standing, and the services you wish to purchase. You could expect to pay between €50-€150 per hour for SEO in Cork.
    We offer several tiers and cater to all kinds of budgets. Get in touch with us today to get a free quote.

    A. The ROI depends on several factors and changes from business to business and industry to industry. For example, the average ROI of eCommerce is around €2.75 for every €1 spent.

    A. There is a time lag, and it can take weeks for rankings to improve since you can't control the algorithm or crawler. It can take up to 6-8 months to see the full benefits of a strategy.

    We use an honest and transparent approach and will report our progress from start to finish.
    However, we know tricks to make Google crawlers reach your page quickly and ensure your content gets indexed immediately. Talk to us more about the timeline and how soon you can expect results to show.