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Content Marketing Strategies That Help Maximise Conversion Rates

Content marketing is a strategic approach to creating online relevant and valuable content that attracts valuable consumers. The purpose is to attract and also retain the audience once they have reached your website. Content marketing is the future of marketing. It starts the conversation between consumers and businesses. You can create brand awareness through this type of marketing. 

Benefits of content marketing


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  • It has been observed that content marketing improves the ranking of the website tremendously.
  • It brings traffic and lessens the gap between consumers and business owners. Research says that content marketing delivers results three times faster than the other marketing strategies. 
  • It also costs almost 62% less than those other marketing channels. You can maximize the leads by following some of the tips that improve content marketing.
  • Content marketing takes time in the beginning but the results are everlasting and long yielding. Most of the newer online businesses take the road of content marketing to promote their businesses and rightly so. As it is the only type of marketing that doesn’t need any experts in business studies to figure out how to market the products. 
  • If you’re a blog or content writer then you’re already halfway through the roads of content marketing. Blog writing specifically in content marketing yields perfect outcomes.
  • As it has been seen that business websites that write blogs to promote the business attract 3 times more customers. 

Here are a few things to keep in order to create the perfect content that attracts the audience. 

1. Mark your goals for marketing 

A bit of simple advice but it goes a long way to set up some goals. You can’t really tell someone a story if you don’t know it very well. Know what is there to achieve with content marketing. Establish some metrics and continuously keep assessing the performance of the website. 

Setting some goals may mean;

  • What type of audience do you want to engage with i.e. the age group of the audience? 
  • What’s your approach to creating brand awareness 
  • What should you do to make consumers loyal to your brand
  • Focus on gaining the subscribers through email

2. Have a purposeful website 

A purposeful website can achieve what you strive for in content marketing. A purposeful website may mean having bright colors and infographics that strike the visitors and appeal to them to stay on the website. 

Anyone can make a website just for the sake of creating it. If you don’t have a real commitment to building the website then there is no point in having it. A good website should benefit you in a business sense and reduce the gap between customers and sellers and will sell the products. 

Also, designing a website is not a free-of-cost job, it takes money and time. Therefore, it only makes sense that it benefits you in the long run. Make sure to be particular about the aim of your website and build your marketing strategy towards it. 

3. Focus on video content 

You should know what type of content your audience is looking for. Visual content has to be the most popular among all types of content marketing. People love watching videos. Although it depends on the age bracket of the consumers and the type of business you are marketing. For example, younger audiences and entertainment and sports businesses should be more inclined toward producing video content. However, if you have educational websites then written content should be your main focus. 

4. Offer baits to attract the leads

You can offer users some discounts and coupons to attract them to the business. It is observed that businesses that provide bait consistently generate more leads as compared to those that do not. It is obviously true because who doesn’t love a good discount on a product. Another way of marketing the product is by building links with other platforms. You get them something, in return, they’ll get you something. Such a barter system works really well as it benefits both parties. 

You can offer rewards and awards on your website. For example, users who share the content on social media get free coupons or something like this. This really attracts the eyes of the customers and gets them interested in the products. 

5. Have content with a ‘Wow’ factor

Nothing beats the good old trick of having stellar content on your website. Make sure to produce content that attracts a wider group of audience. Also, the content is unique in its own way. There should be a certain format of content that is popular among your audience. Do a little research about it and see how many leads it is generating. 

  • Compelling content takes effort 

Writing compelling content takes time and effort. It is not an easy task to generate good content consistently. You can make the content compelling by planning a long-term strategy. For example, search for the topics, structure, and keywords that are attracting the most leads. Also, your content should be able to tell the story of your brand and it should be unique to your business. 

  • Use writing tools

Using certain types of writing tools helps writers to write more consistently. A good set of content should be plagiarism free and also grammatically correct. No one wants to read a piece of content that is not well written. 

7. Plagiarism checker tools

Content writers continuously need to check whether it is original and unique. No one wants to publish plagiarized work. There are many tools for this purpose.  Here’s the one that you can use to check the plagiarism of your written content. 


When it comes to plagiarism checkers, Copyscape is one of the most popular and iconic tools available on the internet nowadays.

The plagiarism checker by Copyscape is a purely premium service, and can be used by spending ‘Premium Credits’, which can be purchased as low as $5 in a single transaction.

As for the checking process itself, Copyscape is very accurate and quick. Unlike other similar tools on the internet, Copyscape does not take up a lot of time to give results. All you need to do is click the button and you’ll get the report a second later.


  • Highly accurate results
  • Very quick process
  • Detailed reports that highlight exact copied sentences and show them on the matched source pages
  • Supports direct file uploads
  • Simple two-step process


  • No free options


However, if you don’t feel like using Copyscape, or if you don’t have the money to do so, there are a lot of other alternatives that you can try. Prepostseo is one such free plagiarism checker tool that you can use instead of Copyscape.

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  • This tool is free of cost
  • Checks the plagiarism of 1000 words in one go
  • To use the tool, just copy-paste the content and click the check plagiarism button to get the content checked
  • It runs an online check with the help of AI technology 
  • Plagiarised content is highlighted
  • Matched sources are given below with the links
  • The plagiarism report is downloadable 


  • To get the content checked for more than 1000 words, you have to buy the premium version of the Prepostseo plagiarism checker 

8. Make sure you have a blog network 

There are many blogging communities that promote and make your content seen among consumers. Make sure to be included in those blog networks. You also learn a lot by seeing other people’s marketing strategies. Keep updating yourself with the latest marketing trends. 

Keep an eye on your competitors’ marketing strategies. For example, if they are generating more good content than yours then possibly they will attract more leads. If you have a time tracking app as your business then your focus on generating content should be along the lines of finding work-life balance and the importance of time management etc. 

9. Pay attention to your website 

Track the activity of your website. See what marketing strategies are bringing in more consumers. Keep analyzing the performance and examining your SEO content. You should also plan how you are going to distribute the content. 

If it seems necessary then don’t be afraid of using the paid channels to promote the business. You can try your luck with paid advertisements. Many social media websites offer to promote the content by paying them. 

10. Engage with customers at the right time 

Do a little follow-up of your customers. Create content in such a way that urges people to communicate. If they comment or ask some questions then make sure to reply to those queries. This way people will be engaged with the content. 

Email marketing tools are great for engaging. Once you’re able to attract the leads, do every effort to keep them updated with your products. Email marketing is a great strategy to retain the customers in your business. On your website ask them to drop their email so you can update them with any news about the business. 


Content marketing works really well for the online business if you know how to use it. Almost each and every business online can benefit from these strategies. Continuously analyze the trends and keep generating the content according to it. Meanwhile, keep updating the existing content on the website. In order to create the content, take a little help of the online tools that are available to aid the content writers. 

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